A botting revolution.

XenoBot is a fully-responsive and optimal client modification for Tibia, featuring an arsenal of advanced tools. The software, which is user-friendly, efficient, flexible and highly secure, works flawlessly on Windows operating systems and does not produce lag.

Free 10 day trial for new users!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is XenoBot detectable?

Contrary to popular belief, all bots are detectable - any bot maker who claims their bot is undetectable is lying to you. XenoBot, however, maximizes its stealth using advanced rootkit technology. To learn more, you can watch the video on the right or read this thread.

How much does it cost?

XenoBot costs $5.75 per month when bought from us through PayPal. If you cannot use PayPal, you can purchase the software from a reseller (pricing may vary).

How advanced is the cavebot?

XenoBot's cavebot is capable of depositing, refilling, hunting and fully afking. Configuring the cavebot is very simple and you can create your waypoints on an interactive map.

Does it work on OT servers?

XenoBot works with OT servers and supports versions down to 8.70. Older versions must be installed in a directory other than the default Program Files\XenoBot.

What are its file extensions?

.xbst files are XenoBot settings - they contain all standard configuration. .lua files are XenoBot scripts - they contain advanced configuration and extended functionality.



The cavebot can quickly advance your stats with its many advanced features: evasive stances, target prioritization, scriptability, a supply refiller, and a loot depositor.


XenoBot provides many advanced tools such as informative xray, full light hack, a mana bar, anti-idle, automatic mount, creature information, a food eater, and much more!


The scripter provides a plethora of useful functions which users of all skill levels can easily utilize in order to expand and customize XenoBot.


XenoBot, with the help of its support feature, will refill your ammunition, heal your character, and train your magic level. It can also cure burning, electrification, curse, bleeding, paralyze, and poison, while holding persistence on haste, recovery and invisible.

Heads Up Display

With ease, the HUD can chart important information such as recent loot, kill counters, spell timers, magic wall timers, damage totals, experience statistics, and vital percentages.


XenoBot, with the features mentioned here (and countless others: combo bot, summon indentification, trade helper, etc), will always help you PROFIT.


Recent Updates


August 12, 2014
  • Updated Added preview 10.52 compatibility.


August 12, 2014
  • Updated Added 10.52 compatibility.
  • Added Added a "Walk on Maroon Grounds" option to the Pathfinder. It can be used...
  • Fixed Fixed the Trial mode to only allow one trial account per computer.
  • Fixed Fixed shooter ranges once and for all (this time I promise).
  • Fixed Fixed Multi-Client, it should now work 100% of the time.
  • Fixed Fixed a bug that caused the daily users chart to ignore ~30% of users.
  • Optimized Optimized XenoBot to take slightly less CPU usage and have less effect on...


July 27, 2014
  • Added Added Exori Min area to the Shooter.
  • Added Added Exevo Gran Frigo Hur area to the Shooter.
  • Added Added new Minotaur corpses to the Skinner.
  • Fixed Fixed the range detection on spells in the Shooter.
  • Fixed Fixed many small bugs in the Script library.
  • Fixed Fixed the debugs that occured randomly.
  • Fixed Fixed the debugs that occured when loading settings.
  • Fixed Fixed a bug where the Skinner and Targeting would "fight" eachother.
  • Fixed Fixed the buggy scollbars on list boxes.
  • Improved Improved the rendering time of list boxes.
  • Improved Improved Self.GetSpectators, it is 2 order of magnitude faster.
  • Improved Improved Map.GetWalkableTiles, it is 1 order of magnitude faster.
  • Improved Improved Self.GetItemCount, it is much faster when dealing with many cont...


July 22, 2014
  • Updated Added preview 10.51 compatibility.


July 22, 2014
  • Updated Added 10.51 compatibility.


July 7, 2014
  • Updated Added preview 10.50 compatibility.


July 7, 2014
  • MAJOR XenoBot Apophis global release!
  • Updated Added 10.50 compatibility.
  • Added Added a 10-day free trial for XenoBot.
  • Changed Changed compilation to Visual Studio 2010.
  • Re-coded Re-coded the injector, now called XenoSuite, from scratch; it is much bet...
  • Added Added XenoMonitor, which allows you to easily monitor all of your charact...
  • Re-coded Re-coded the verification system, making it much more friendly to users.
  • Added Added a built-in rune/spell shooter to Targeting.
  • Added Added a "Lure Mode" to the Walker.
  • Added Added "item-blacklisting", which will automatically detect when you are o...
  • Added Added Reach Depot to the Walker.
  • Added Added Browse Field looting to the Looter.
  • Fixed Fixed every known Special Area bug. They work like a charm now.
  • Added Added Skinning, Fishing, and Dusting to the Looter.
  • Added Added Reconnect (Rcnct) to Tools.
  • Re-coded Re-coded the XenoScript engine, providing a number of advantages.
  • Re-coded Re-coded Diagnostic Information, providing a much more useful interface.
  • Added Added "tile-blacklisting", causing the Pathfinder to detect and evade inv...
  • Added Added Walker.IsStuck() and Walker.IsLuring() to the Scripter.
  • Added Added a Private Message proxy to the Scripter.
  • Added Added Self.Ping() to the Scripter.
  • Added Added Prismatic Ring to all ring functions in the Scripter.
  • Improved Improved Self.OpenDepot() to use Browse Field (thanks to Syntax).
  • Added Added Container:UseItemWithContainerItem(spotfrom, contto, spotto) to the...
  • Added Added many new Item functions to the Scripter
  • Added Added Examples button to the Scripter, which will show script examples.
  • Added Added Tutorial button to the out-of-game window, which will show an XenoB...
  • Fixed Fixed a bug causing XenoBot not to recognize unicode characters in paths;...
  • Fixed Fixed hundreds of bugs related to performance and memory usage.
  • Fixed Fixed Self.PrivateMessage() in the Scripter, it will no longer debug.
  • Fixed Fixed many crashes and debugs (including the one with boats and teleports...
  • Fixed Fixed injection crashes.
  • Fixed Fixed the IPChanger, it is no enabled again.
  • Fixed Fixed dozens of small UI bugs.
  • Improved Improved Eat Food to no longer eat from protection zones.
  • Improved Improved Targeting to no longer attack from protection zones.
  • Improved Improved Auto-Mount to no longer mount when invisible.
  • Fixed Fixed the Exp HUD; it will no longer overflow into the negative on high l...
  • Improved Improved the Player Attack alarm to include an optinal alert for yellow P...
  • Fixed Fixed a bug causing Walker Stuck not to trigger in certain cases.
  • Improved Improved automatic recovery to only cast when more than 100 health is mis...
  • Improved Improved many small things in the PathFinder.

Version 3.5.7

May 27, 2014
  • Updated Added 10.41 compatibility.

Version 3.5.6

May 20, 2014
  • Updated Added 10.40 compatibility.

Version 3.5.5

April 28, 2014
  • Updated Added 10.39 compatibility.


  • "Xenobot has an amazing way of simplifying things."

    MegaNo0body, BBot Developer http://bbot.bmega.net/ →
  • "I remember when you joined TPForums and the small bots you made then, now your revolutionizing the scene. To the future!"

    Zyphrus, TPForums Founder http://tpforums.org/ →
  • "I guess you are going to make big money now that neobot died. Gratz!"

    Black Daniel, BlackD Proxy Developer http://blackdtools.com/ →
  • "Last month, I made 240kk in stock using XenoBot - it really makes Tibia beautiful."

    PunktG, Gold Seller Skype: [email protected]



Basic stuff


XenoBot's scripting engine is implemented using Lua. Lua is a very powerful language which allows XenoBot users to quickly and easily create advanced scripts. To use a script in XenoBot, open up the {blah blah blah ...}


XenoBot's scripter uses an OOP (Object Oriented Programming) programming pattern - all of the native code is wrapped in classes. These classes are defined below:

The Self class encapsulates functions relating to the player that is using the bot.


The Self class has a number of functions which allow the player to communicate with others.

Self.Say(msg[, wpm, range])
Self.Yell(msg[, wpm, range)
Self.Whisper(msg[, wpm, range])
Self.SayToNpc(msg[, wpm, range])
Self.PrivateMessage(player, msg)

The msg parameter is the message to say. If you would like to say multiple things, msg can be a table. The wpm, or words per minute, parameter controls how quickly messages are sent. The higher the value, the faster the bot will send messages. The range parameter is a modifier to wpm that allows randomization. Both wpm and range are optional.

Self.Yell("Selling DSM!", 65, 5)
Self.Whisper("Why am I whispering?!")
Self.SayToNpc({"hi", "deposit all", "yes", "trade"}, 70)
Self.PrivateMessage("DarkstaR", "What's up, bro?")


The Self class also allows the player to get information about themselves.

-- integer return
Self.MaxHealth()	Self.Health()
Self.MaxMana()		Self.Mana()
Self.Level()		Self.Experience()
Self.Cap()			Self.Stamina()
Self.Soul()			Self.Speed()

-- boolean (true or false) return
Self.isHasted()		Self.isManaShielded()
Self.isParalyzed()	Self.isPoisoned()
Self.isBurning()	Self.isElectrified()
Self.isCursed()		Self.isFreezing()
Self.isDrunk()		Self.isDrowning()
Self.isDazzled()	Self.isBleeding()
Self.isInFight()	Self.isPzLocked()
Self.isInPz()		Self.isBuffed()

-- string (text) return

-- creatureID return

-- table return
Self.Position()	-- return{x = myx, y = myy, z = myz}

Self.Outfit()	-- return {id = myid, head = myhead,
				--		body = mybody, legs = mylegs,
				--		feet = myfeet, addons = myaddons,
				--		mount = mymount}

-- enum (sequential integer) return

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