XenoBot Apophis User Guide

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Installation and Setup


Installation of XenoBot Suite is straightforward, visit the download page for the latest version.
After the installation has finished, a XenoSuite icon will be on your desktop.

Admin Privileges

For XenoBot to run properly, we suggest running both the client and the bot with admin privileges. Setting this up is easy, just follow these steps:

Logging In

When first starting up XenoSuite, your first tab will be 'News' where all the latest news are published from the forums to help you keep track. Proceed to click the 'Login' tab. Good! You should now see this, type in the name of your forum account along with the password and hit 'Login'. You'll get notified if your login was a success aswell as how many days of your subscription remains. Proceed to click the 'Inject' tab. Choose the client you wish to inject or enable the auto-inject function which will inject everything for you. You should now receive a window to the top left of your window tibia if it injected without problems.

Other Notes

Xeno Suite Window

Where to put your XenoBot files
Depending on the language set on your computer, the name of 'My Documents' may vary. You should find the folder in the same list as your Picture, Movie and Music library when you have a folder open.
Inside 'My Documents' you'll find a folder named 'XenoBot'

Chapter 2: Ingame


You can rightclick yourself or rightclick any area beside the gamewindow to bring up the menu.
Through this menu, you can control the walker, looter, targeter, scripter and so forth.


Under the support, you can add rules for healing, refilling of ammunition, curing and holding certain conditions.

Self Healer


Spell Healing Item Healing

Condition Manager

Cure Conditions:

Hold Conditions:

Equipment Manager

Fill in the ID of the ammunition to refill


Frag Helper

Combo Bot








Special Areas

Special areas is a crucial aspect when it comes to avoiding situations with dangerous creatures or zones. By adding a new special area to the list, the position where it start is your current position.
Adjusting the height and width will increase the area from the starting position.
To demonstrate how it works, take a look at this picture:

Each square represents a tile, increasing the width or height will mark that tile to a certain condition.
The conditions are:


XenoBot Settings

Startup Items



Auto Mount

To enable/disble the auto-mount function, just check the little box to the left of 'Mount'

Chapter 3: Examples


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Loading a XBST file

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Loading a Lua file

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